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Using the Accentro Condominium Report to Make Fact-Based Decisions

Our ambition is to help our clients make the right decisions. This is why we developed our condominium report – available in German under the title “Accentro Wohneigentumsreport”. Since 2008, this annual report has covered condominium sales in Germany's 82 largest cities – that is, all of the Germany cities with populations of 100,000 or more. Accordingly, the Condominium Report covers around 85 percent of the entire German market, and is based on the data of the surveyor committees of the respective cities. This sets the report clearly apart from comparable publications that tend to be based on expert estimates or merely on the evaluation of available supply data.

The report divides into two parts:

1. The rankings

2. The city report

The first part of the report uses a variety of criteria, including transaction turnover or number of sales, to group the housing markets of the German cities in a ranking. The second part details the market data of each city, listing turnover, market prices, and rent table data, among other things. The base year for the Condominium Report is 2006. This is the year referenced by the indices.

Everything that counts — on 200 pages

Order Residential Property Report 2013 for € 99 (incl. 7 % VAT and mailing fees) and learn important facts about the current real estate market. Please note that the Residential Property Report is only available in German.

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