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Accentro – Your Condominium Expert

Welcome to Accentro! Your interest in our condominiums is very much appreciated. No matter whether you are looking for a flat to live in or seeking to buy one as private investment or as part of your retirement scheme: We at Accentro offer you a broad spectrum of condominiums with a great cost/performance ratio – and chances are that our portfolio includes exactly the flat you are looking for. We will gladly help you with any issue involving condominiums, and will support your every step of the way, from choosing a location all the way to signing the deed.

Condominiums – a Forward-Looking Investment

Condominiums in growth regions such as Germany's metropolises represents crisis-resistant assets. For the time being, major German cities such as Berlin continue to offer a wide variety of affordable properties. It would be a pleasure for us to personally advise you and help you find the perfect condo. The first step would be to select a number of eligible properties for you. This is easily done by entering your “must-have” and “nice-to-have” preferences in our proprietary search mask – which will quickly return a pinpoint list of suitable condominiums in our portfolio.

The Easy Way to Buy a Condo

Once you have made up your mind to buy a given flat, we will coach you through the entire acquisition process: from the first-time viewing, to the notarisation, and all the way to the handover of the condo – or even beyond if you need us. In case the first search request failed to produce the perfect property for you, we will gladly identify alternatives. The best thing being: You will pay no commission for our services.

So why not look at one or several of our apartments? Do get in touch with us, and we will schedule an apartment viewing for you – non-binding and free of charge.

Do you have general inquiries on the subject of condominiums, or would you like us to help you select a location? If so, we will be happy to assist you – and surely find the flat of your dreams for you.

About Us

Accentro is a real estate service provider that has been an active and successful player on Germany's real estate markets since 1999. At the moment, we are marketing more than 2,800 condominiums in 54 different locations in Berlin – and we know each and every one of them like the back of our hands.

By the way: Our fact-based condominium report – the “Accentro Wohneigentums-Report” – will provide decision guidance if you contemplate acquiring an apartment. Published annually in German, the report includes essential facts and figures on the condominium markets of Germany's 82 major cities.

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Successful on the market since 1999

Benefit from our competence! Our team of consultants has accumulated many years of professional experience and detailed knowledge of every single estate – our foundation for a successful consultation.

Discover the variety of Accentro in various Berlin locations

Our variety is your advantage. We can offer a wide range of apartments in various sizes, locations and set ups. Let us help you find just the right property for you.

Dreams come true: we assist you in the purchase of your condominium

Time and quality information are key to successfully finding the most suitable property. We are happy to take time for you and to explain the acquisition process to you step by step beforehand.

Personal use or capital investment – it’s your choice

We individually assist you with your purchase of a condominium either for capital investment or for personal use and support you in choosing the suitable property from our extensive portfolio.

Publishers of the Homeownership Report

We developed the Accentro Homeownership Report that has been providing comprehensive information about homeownership transactions in all 82 major German cities since 2008 and offers a reliable basis for decisions.

Your first choice for buying property

We offer years of experience and competence in consultation to your advantage. Benefit from our expertise and our wide range of condominiums.

Homeownership service

We assist you with all kinds of questions concerning homeownership und are happy to help you individually: in person, via email, on the phone or through Skype.

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