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Make Your Dream of a Condominium in Leipzig Come True

While Leipzig is not the state capital of Saxony, it feels that way for many. It is certainly an up and coming city. By acquiring a condominium in Leipzig, you will invest in an asset with a great future, including an auspicious growth upside. The vibrant campus town is becoming increasingly popular, for it offers urbanity, encourages creativity, and is home to important cultural institutions such as the Leipzig book fair. The city is booming and one of the most beautiful places anywhere in East Germany.

We very much appreciate your interest. Regrettably, we have no condominiums for sale in the district of your choice at the moment. We will gladly notify you of any incoming condominium offers in our monthly newsletter. You may sign up for our newsletter right here.


Buying a Condominium in Leipzig is a Forward-Looking Investment

Our listings for properties in Leipzig include choices for any kind of need, from family-sized apartments in quaint period buildings all the way to modern single-occupancy flats. We have just the right offer in each segment.

Like other metro regions in Germany, Leipzig is experiencing an unanticipated growth surge. In 2014, for instance, the incoming migration totalled 35,000 new residents rather than the anticipated 29,000, bringing Leipzig's population up to 551,871 by the end of the year. Every scenario the experts tested returned a positive growth forecast for the time between now and 2032. Unsurprisingly, the growth has left its trace on the housing market: The rent rate for a 100-square-metre flat, having averaged 6.11 euros per square metre as recently as 2011, was already up to 7.61 euros per square metre in 2015. For the sake of comparison: Saxony's state-wide rent average for a flat of 100 square metres was 6.31 euros in 2015. This makes investing in a condominium in Leipzig look very much like a safe bet.

Buy a Condo in Leipzig, and Enjoy a Life Rich in Cultural or Recreational Amenities

Not least, Leipzig has made a name for itself in the international art world. The city's many museums attract visitors from inside and outside Germany while being just as popular among the local populace. The recreational spectrum also includes a rich variety of stage productions, an ambitious cuisine, and of course a motley community of creative minds. But even those who dread the urban hustle and bustle will love Leipzig because you are never far from a green area. The city is surrounded by open country dotted by lakes for summertime swimming and trails for hiking. Acquiring a condominium in Leipzig gives you the chance to call a piece of this extraordinary city your own.

So if you are thinking about buying a condominium in Leipzig, do take a look at our latest listings.

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