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Real Estate Glossary

Trust Account – Safekeeping the Funds of Home Owner Associations

The home owner association (HOA) of a housing estate regularly pays condominium fees into a bank account set up by the estate manager for the purpose. One of the eligible account types is the trust account. The distinguishing feature of a trust account, also called escrow account, is that the account manager does not actually own the money in the account. This has a specific significance for home owner associations: The home owner association itself is the account holder, and is clearly identifiable as owner of the cash in the account. At the same time, the manager of this selfsame HOA has access privilege for the purpose of covering the HOA's running costs. A trust account is thus a good way of safekeeping the funds of home owner associations. If an estate manager becomes bankrupt or passes away, there is no way for the manager's receiver or heirs to draw on the account. Aside from estate agents, trust accounts are also frequently set up by attorneys and notaries on behalf of their clients.

An alternative to the trust account would be a third-party custody account. Under this type of account-keeping, a certain person manages the money of other persons in their name. The account holder is the only person authorised to draw on the account. Please note: Unlike with the trust account, a third-party custody account is subject to the risk that money could be misappropriated or become part of the manager's estate upon his demise.

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