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Real Estate Glossary

Return on investment – important criteria for an investment

The term „return on investment “refers to the ratio between of income and expenditure for a capital investment. The return on investment is usually expressed per year and as a percentage. In the case of a condominium that is rented, the net rental return is important. It indicates what proportion of the cost of acquisition plus incidental costs over the annual rent flows back to the owner-occupier.

Would a condominium for example cost 100.000 Euro, amounted to five percent real estate transfer tax, the commission fee seven percent and notary fee 1.5 percent, the total investment cost would be 113.500 Euro. The annual rental income would be 7.200 Euro if the monthly net rent would be 600 Euros.

Since the housing fee includes not only the fixed running cost (difference between cold- and warm rent) one has to subtract the „non recoverable cost“ of the economic plan from the net rent.


total investment cost: 113.500,00€
annual net rent: 7.200,00€
non recoverable costs: 600,00€
(7.200-600) % 113.500 = 5,81% p.a.

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