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Three out of Four German Tenants Yearn for Homeownership

Roughly 75 percent of all tenants in Germany dream of their own abode – this is the upshot of the latest Interhyp survey titled „Wohntraumstudie,“ which polled 2,100 Germans about their ideas on the subject of housing. Almost every one of the respondents considered a beautiful home one of the most important things in life, second only to good health. But no one covets homeownership more than families with children. Nearly 90 percent of them would love to own a home, according to the survey.

Homeownership Symbolises Autonomy and Safety at the same Time

Interhyp also asked its interviewees about their decision-making criteria when contemplating homeownership. The biggest incentives for buying a home are rent-free living and the desire for independence. When comparing the different generations, younger people turn out to have the strongest appetite for condominiums or detached homes, with 90 percent of those aged 18 to 39 stating their intention to make this dream come true. This age group focuses on owner-occupancy. For more than half of all respondents, however, homeownership remains a safe investment and a pension scheme of sorts. After all, real estate is still considered the safest investment alternative of all. 

Majority of Homeowners Happy

Looking back, most homeowners feel good about their decision in favour of buying property and moving into a home they own outright. Around nine out of ten homeowners feel happy in their properties. One of the reasons explaining this is the liberty to decorate your own home – and this matters a lot to many Germans. After all, who has not day-dreamt about neat ways to redecorate, expand or convert the home? Among the tenants polled, only two out of three are perfectly content with their living arrangements. 

No Dream Home without a Fitted Kitchen 

As far as the fit-out choices for their dream homes go, Germans tend to remain realistic. Most of them consider upgrading a basic fit-out more important than getting extras that will make their homes stand out. For instance, a modern fitted kitchen tops the wish list for 80 percent of the respondents. Next in line is a guest WC (75 percent) and a garage (72 percent). Also indispensable for many is a green spot of their own – with nearly one in two respondents finding it hard to imagine a dream property without a garden. That said, the figure includes the shared use of a communal garden, which is something quite common in German cities.

Berliners, while Down-to-Earth, Fancy a Scenic View 

Nearly two thirds of Berlin's population are content with their current living situation. Housing has become such a precious good that you generally appreciate whatever place you inhabit – be it as owner or as tenant. As far as their dream homes go, though, Berliners are far less modest and love to think big. More than half of the city's residents would prefer a property with balcony, loggia, arbour or roof terrace. By contrast, most Berliners are perfectly willing to do without a guest WC or a dedicated garage, for example, because less than 20 percent of the tenants who now wish to buy a condominium have ever craved such features.