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The Leading City of Tenant Contentment

Notwithstanding Berlin's strained housing market, the vast majority of local tenants take a favourable view of their accommodations. This is the result of a survey conducted by the public opinion research institute Forsa on behalf of the daily BERLINER ZEITUNG. According to the survey, 79 percent of Berlin's residents are content with their housing situation. A minority of just 21 percent would like to live in a different sort of apartment, and plan to change their current situation. Compared to the survey findings of previous years, this latest poll also shows that the level of tenant contentment has remained stable for the past four years.

Berlin Tenants Take Rent Hikes in Stride

According to Forsa, almost half of all tenants in Berlin were handed a rent increase during the past three years. Yet for 43 percent of those respondents whose rent went up the increase was limited five percent or less. For 28 percent, rent rates increased by up to ten percent. Only nine percent of the tenants subject to rent reviews reported rent hikes of more than 15 percent. On the whole, the number of tenants whose rents increased is higher in West Berlin than in the city's eastern boroughs.

The Forsa poll results show that most residents of Germany's first city are not losing any sleep over rental growth. Just one in five tenants is planning to move to a cheaper apartment, whereas the remaining 80 percent seem to see no reason to do so. Analogously, Berlin residents seem just as undaunted by the prospect of rising service charges. According to the pollsters, two out of three local residents are not worried about being driven out of their apartments because they may no longer be able to afford the service charges.

Flat-Hunting Getting Harder

Those who decide to relocate anyway face the formidable challenge of finding just the right flat. In Berlin, as in other German metropolises, affordable housing is in increasingly short supply. No less than 80 percent of the respondents said they had trouble finding a suitable flat. For the sake of comparison: In 2012, a Forsa poll on the same subject showed that only 68 percent of those interviewed said they had a hard time finding a place to live.