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Several media, including the online editions of Bild, Focus, and Handelsblatt, published a DPA item dated 19 September 2013: “Condo Sales Keep Pushing up”

Berlin sells more condominiums than any other city in Germany – and the number keeps going up. As Accentro noted, more than 22,500 residential units were sold last year, which exceeds the 2011 total by 1,400. Accentro reportedly studied the data of surveyor committees of Germany's 82 largest cities to compile its Homeownership Report. Aside from Berlin, Frankfurt was the only other Class A city that reported an increase in sales. Sales in the other leading cities, including Stuttgart, Hamburg, Cologne, and Munich. Sales in Düsseldorf actually decreased by more than 22 percent. At the same time, Berlin also experienced an increase in turnover to the tune of 12.5 percent, totalling 3.6 billion euros last year. As a result, Berlin has almost caught up with Munich, which reported a turnover of 3.8 billion euros.