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Property as a retirement arrangement: check carefully the location

According to the researchers, the so-called LILA locations are worth investing in residential property. LILA stands for the areas of landscape, infrastructure, quality of life and labor supply. That means, the purchase of a condominium is even more efficiently in places where it is nice, where there is an easily accessibility, where something is going on and where there are sufficient jobs. The LILA locations exist in west and east, in some metropolis, in some smaller cities, and in the countryside, more over: all over Germany. During the purchase process, the researchers also advise you chose areas in which many young people live. The number of so-called swarm cities has increased dramatically: in 2000 the proportion of 20- to 35-year-olds was more than 30 percent in only four cities above the national average; in 2011 there were already 18 cities. Despite the fertility and population decline is evident in this example that the demand for condominiums will continue to increase regionally in the future. As a result, the prices and rents in these regions will increase and therefore one can achieve good long-term returns while investing in residential property.
As part of the DIA study, the researchers analyzed the opportunities for investment in residential property in some cities more accurately. In the upcoming week check our latest news on and see how Berlin performed.