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Demographic Growth: Inflow of Residents Exceeds Expectations in Berlin

Fresh in, and here to stay: Berlin was happy to welcome 47,800 new residents in 2013. This means that the number of new arrivals has increased faster than previously projected by the Berlin Statistical Office. Downtown locations are particularly coveted: The borough of Mitte has registered an increase by 8,000 people, Pankow by 6,600 people, and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg by around 4,000 people.

Inner City Locations: The Top 3

The district with the fastest demographic growth is Prenzlauer Berg. Especially the group of those aged 45 to 55 favour this part of the Borough of Pankow. At the same times, the number of children between the ages of six and 15 has increased in 2103, which suggests that the district is just as attractive to families.

The Borough of Neukölln is nearly as popular: Within a one-year period, it saw an inflow of 2,809 new residents. The trend is nothing new: During the past five years, the borough grew by more than 13,000 residents. Especially people between the ages of 27 and 45 are attracted to the borough's trendy northern part.

Third in line is Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg with an incoming net migration of around 4,000. Here, too, the age group of 27- to 45-year-olds is most prominent. That said, the borough appears to be rather popular among young families, too, as the percentage of residents aged six through 18 has noticeably increased.

The Run Continues

Construction is unable to match the pace of Berlin's demographics: Just 10,000 new residential units were completed in the German capital in 2013. The sluggish momentum is particularly worrisome because there is no sign suggesting an end to the run on Berlin. The city's population is estimated to increase by another 250,000 to 400,000 before 2030. In order to meet the resulting housing demand, Berlin needs to expand its residential stock, especially – though not exclusively – in the coveted downtown locations.