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Decisive Motives For Property Purchases Among Private Investors

Whether private investor or self-occupant – In contrast to the volatile financial markets, real estate is enjoying great popularity offering stability and value preservation. According to the latest Interhyp study, even more than 90 % of the surveyed aged 18 to 39 support this trend. There have never been so many Germans investing in residential properties than in the past few years.

Real Estate Purchasers Believe In Autonomy And Value Appreciation

Interhyp‘s study called Wohntraumstudie for which about 2,000 Germans had been surveyed, however, shows that the respondents have different motivations when planning to purchase a property. On the one hand we have purchasers who are buying property for owner-occupation and on the other hand those who are looking for a capital investment. Beside retirement planning aspects, owner-occupiers place their focus especially on independence of landlords and potential rental increasement. Many feel more independent and enjoy greater freedom with an own apartment. According to the study, Germans consider an own apartment to be a hedge against inflation. Every second prospective buyer therefore expects the value of the property to be inflation-proof. Furthermore, those purchasers who want to buy a property for capital investment believe in value appreciations.

Having An Own Apartment Makes Happy

When asked about the most important things in life, 95 % of the Germans answer a beautiful home. In this context, the latter ranks just behind the own health. Moreover, almost 80 % of the German citizens are convinced that the best way to get the ideal home is to live in one’s own four walls. An own home makes happy, more than 90 % of the surveyed owners having decided themselves for an own property feel lucky and satisfied. Interhyp’s and Immobilienscout’s survey called Immobilienbarometer, adds that the surrounding of a property is also an important factor. Good shopping facilities in proximity to the home are particularly important for more than a half of all prospective buyers. Every second survey participant excludes purchasing a property in a noisy environment. Men and women assess their selection criteria differently. Whereas 32 % of the male participants would like to have a good connection to the motorway, only every fourth woman considers this being an important factor. Furthermore, men attach more importance to social infrastructure. Surprisingly, every fourth man and only every fifth woman takes care that good schools, day nurseries or kindergartens are in the immediate vicinity of the new home.