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Berlin start-up scene in the ascendant

Possibly 100,000 new jobs by the year 2020

By the year 2020, according to McKinsey, there are being possibly more than 100,000 new jobs by the start-up scene in Berlin created: 40,000 directly in start-ups and an additional 60,000 due to multiplier effects in other companies. In order to succeed and that the city can catches up with the world's leading start-up centers, Berlin has to make a better use of its potential. According to McKinsey this implies that entrepreneurs get more funded and also get more support regarding raising funds for the growth phase. According to the experts the networking between start-ups and established companies is still capable of improvement. Currently, the Berlin start-up scene is in the comparison to the investigated cities in Europe and the Middle East at the fifth place right behind Tel Aviv, London, Paris and Moscow.

Learning from the competition

The German capital can learn quite a few things from its competitors. Many of those investigated cities have large-scale programs to strengthen the urban start-up scene. This includes for example a central coordination point for entrepreneurs, which explains all the important questions regarding the required documents, organization and financing. Especially for foreign founders this can be very helpful. The fact that Berlin already made a first step shows the announcement of the governing mayor Klaus Wowereit, that there would be initiates towards an improved cooperation between industry funding organizations, associations, established companies and start-ups. With this he wants to reach the goal that Berlin is Europe's leading founder metropolis - and thus strengthen the economic power of capital permanently.