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Berlin: creative industries prosper like no other

The creative industry represents a dynamic sector of the capital’s economy and is regarded as an impulse for the growth and innovation of Berlin’s economy. This conclusion is reached by the current creative industry report of Berlin’s Senate, which summarizes the most important developments of this sector between 2009 and 2012.

The success of the creative industries is indicated by the number of companies as well as their turnovers. During the observation period a total of 7.8 billion Euro was generated. Thereby the creative branch contributes 8.5 percent of the gross value added of the whole economy in Berlin. In 2012 every fifth company in Berlin was assigned to the creative sector. Over 16.6 billion Euro were achieved – about 10 percent of the total turnover of the local economy.

Labour market factor - creative business

The creative branch in Berlin with its 186,000 employees represents a substantially market factor of the capital. Ever since 2009, next to 78,000 self-employed people and freelancers, a total of 98,500 people pursue an employment subject to social security contributions in creative businesses. That makes for every 11th person in Berlin performing in the creative sector. Additionally, the number of employees within the observation period increased strongly: round about 30,000 new jobs were created. Most of them are situated among the software and gaming industries. Here the number of employees increased by 75 percent up to 47,000 jobs, followed by the design economy with a plus of 44 percent.
The positive development within the creative branch is also reflected on the salaries. The creative industry names advertisers, graphic artists, designers, photographers, and technically-creative jobs to be those professional groups, in which salaries increased strongly ever since 2009.

Classical or digital: growth reflects in many branches

The comparison of the turnover development between the years of 2009 to 2012 in the sector of the creative industry shows, that digital as well as classical creative branches were able to grow. Most significant turnover growth was determined in the design industry with a doubling of revenues. The classic branches such as music or art occupy the following places concerning the revenue ranking. Here, the revenues increased by 60 percent, respectively 56 percent. The Software and Gaming industry was able to accomplish an increase in revenues of 50 percent.