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Berlin, Berlin – we are going to Berlin!

No question - the Berlin tourism is booming, as the city is very popular for tourist destination. In Europe the German capital is at place three, right behind London and Paris, in the ranking regarding the most popular destinations for city trips. While at River Thames and River Seine visitor numbers however stagnate, Berlin was able to record in recent years a double-digit growth for itself. And the run continues: In the first eight months of this year, 17.9 million people have already visited Berlin. Therefore Berlin could likely reach in 2013 for the first time the 25 million mark and maybe also reach in 2016 the 30 million mark. According to the tourism initiative "Visit Berlin", tourists spend more than ten billion Euros in the city. The Berlin tourism has become such an important factor of the local economy that nearly 280,000 jobs depend on it.

Berlin tourism: who is drawn to Berlin?

The majority of tourists visiting Berlin come from Germany - 58 percent. They are about 40 years old on average. For foreign tourists, the age varies greatly depending on nationality. The youngest tourists come from Israel. Their average age is 20 years. But how can the typical Berlin Tourist be described? Is it the culture lovers who visit the numerous museums and operas? Or the party lovers that make in clubs of the popular areas the night into day? A survey conducted by “Visit Berlin” found that the largest group consists of the so-called everyday refugees. 18 percent of the visitors are people who visit Berlin to take a short break from the daily monotony. They enjoy the extensive shopping opportunities at the Kurfürstendamm and other shopping areas during the day. In the evening they visit the many restaurants and bars, and then dance in one of the clubs. The second largest group of visitors includes people who wish to visit as many as possible attractions such as the Brandenburg Gate in the shortest possible time. With 15 percent - in third place - lands the culture lovers who travel because of their fondness for museums, theaters and architecture in Berlin.

Berlin - Tourism inexpensive and good

Without a doubt Berlin has a lot to offer. However, a key consideration for many visitors is the reasonable prices. Another reason for the popularity of Berlin is - surprisingly for some - the hospitality of Berlin. According to “Visit Berlin” 88 percent of Berlin inhabitants are proud of the number of visitors and also do not feel disturbed.