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A Banner Year for Tourism in Berlin

Berlin Particularly Popular among British Visitors

A closer look at the incoming travellers' countries of origin shows: Well over half of the tourists actually hail from inside Germany itself (57.1 percent). The remaining 43 percent or roughly 4.3 million visitors from abroad represent an increase by more than five percent year on year. Tourists from the UK accounted for the largest share of them. Convenient and affordable flights connections between Berlin and the UK are one of the reasons Burkhard Kieker of VisitBerlin cited for the large number or British tourists. Visitors from the United States, the Netherlands and Italy also accounted for a large share of the tourists in Berlin.

Visitor Numbers in Berlin: No End to the Growth in Sight

The VisitBerlin expert assumes that Berlin will continue to attract a rising number of visitors in the coming years. Figures released by the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office confirm the forecast: Nearly one million people visited the German capital in April of this year. This implies an increase by four percent compared to the same month last year. During the same month, the number of overnight stays actually rose by more than eleven percent since April 2012, hitting a total of around 2.5 million.

The visitor stats of the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office also show: The share of international visitors is expanding, as is the length of their sojourn in the city. While the number of guests from other regions in Germany rose by just 0.4 percent year on year, the number of foreign tourists soared by nearly ten percent. All in, foreign guests made up around 40 percent of incoming tourism in April 2014. As in other months, the British represented the largest group, followed by the Netherlands. The average length of stay in Berlin simultaneously increased from 2.4 to 2.5 days year on yea