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Your Condominium as Private Investment

Your capital investment in Berlin: Why today’s investment will pay off in the future

Real estate is booming in recent years as capital investment options. Reasons are diverse: Unlike shares, bonds and fund shares, which highly rely on fluctuations on the finance market, real estate is known for its stable or even increasing value. In addition low interest rates on saving accounts, government bonds and insurances are making those investment options less favorable.

Low interest rates on loans make it very favorable to think about investing larger sums. Now is the perfect time to choose a capital investment in Berlin in order to experience the city as living area and to invest in your future and the increase in value.

Investment in Berlin – Secure your condo as pension plan

Berlin is a metropolis that attracts people from all over the globe. Especially the highly active creative and cultural scene is leading creatives into the city. The economy of the city develops with a seemingly never ending source of ideas and start-ups into one of the must-work places. Besides the economical up rise of the city its large green areas, parks and surroundings are still distinguishing it from other cities around the world. With a condominium in Germanys metropolis number one you surely can expect high and regular yields or if you use the condominium for yourself you can enjoy the vibrant life in Berlin.

Take advantage of a capital investment in Berlin: The earlier you decide the more you will profit from the current low interest rates and the variety of condominiums in very favorable locations. With competent experts on your side you surely will find your dream condominium for a fair price. By the way – prices for condominiums in Berlin are compared to other metropolises worldwide relatively low. Take the opportunity to purchase an apartment to secure the price difference!

How you can achieve a condo in Berlin with tight budget

Even if you don’t own big money, it is considered to keep contact with experts while looking for a fitting property: To finance your condominium regular rent payments can be a safe and profitable option. If you would like to use the condominium for yourself, this might be possible straight after the purchase or after declaring self-use.

Regarding one’s pension plan a condominium in Berlin is ideal. You can either use it in your old age to live in, provide it to your children while they are studying or you just rent it out with profit. After you owned the condominium for 10 years you can even sell it tax-free and at that point you can really profit from the possible increase in value.

Use for your investment Berlin and it’s attraction as metropolis

As owner of a condominium in Berlin chances are high that you will receive a high increase in your property. The never ending influx of people from or outside of Germany will higher the demand for living space. Future projections state that Berlin’s population will increase up to 3.75 million in 2030 – that’s a growth of one quarter million. At the same time space for new-buildings is rare so the purchase of an already existing condo in good or very good location is a favorable decision.

If you don’t want to move in yourself, you can profit from increasing rent payments and high yield. Regardless how you decide – with a condominium in Berlin as capital investment that you use straight away or in your old’s age or that you rent out with high yield - you made a value stable investment.

ACCENTRO guides you on your way to your capital investment in Berlin

If you are looking for a property, that will offer you due to its quality and location an increase in value as well as a nice living atmosphere, you should consider in choosing a partner. ACCENTRO will offer you a wide range of attractive real estates in various locations all over Berlin. Together we will find the right property in the lively metropolis located at Spree.

We, ACCENTRO, are happy to guide you through the process of purchasing in Germany. Our service is free of charge. You can sit back and relax and rely on our experience to offer you the right condo in the area you find most attractive. Together we will find the perfect capital investment in Berlin for you! We are looking forward to your request.