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Your condominium as capital investment

Your condominium as capital investment: an investment for your future

Sustainability is not only ecologically an important criterion for one’s actions. Lots of people ask themselves how they can invest their money on long term while making provisions for the future. Considering increasing rent prices and low interest rates a condominium as capital investment is a good possibility to invest money without loss in value while protecting your investment.

Classical capital investments for private people as government bonds, insurances or saving books are not yielding anymore to even cover the inflation rate. A safe investment is a condominium as capital investment: You can either rent out your condominium, refinance the purchase with the lease or you decide to use the condominium by yourself and don’t have to be afraid of increasing rents. Regardless of how you’ll decide a condominium as capital investment is on the long run not losing value - chances of rising value tend to be better.

Condominium as capital investment: Use beneficial loan and safe high yield

As one of the most value stable or even value increasing investment options purchasing a condominium is due to low interest rates especially favorably these days. Low interest rates also allow paying-off your property faster – so if you start early to purchase a condominium, you’ll profit now and later from the current financial market situation.

If you’re not using your condominium for self-use, you have got due to the regular rent payments a safe and high yield which eases it for you to refinance the loan. After 10 years it’s even possible to sell your condominium free of taxes, which makes an increase in value even more attractive for you. Those advantages are making the purchase of a condominium as capital investment really favorable, so it’s better to invest now and be financially secured later on.

Apartment as capital investment – secure your property in a German city!

The development of recent years is clear: Cities have become magnets for people with different life plans. A job, the education and studies are often reasons why people move into cities and stay there for a longer period. Cultural activities combined with gastronomical diversity are making life in a city especially attractive.

Due to the attraction of cities the higher demand for living space is causing higher rent prices. If you invest now in a condo as capital investment you’ll be safe from those increases in rent and you’ll also be able to create your living space as you want to.

We got the right condominium as capital investment for you

If you are interested in purchasing a condo, we got a huge variety to choose off: Our portfolio consists of a great number of attractive, stylistic condominiums in uprising or already established German cities. Especially the German capital Berlin has great potential for condominiums to rise in value as the city is developing due to its cultural activities,

the thriving economy and the internationalizing in recent years. Berlin or cities like Hambourg, Frankfurt am Main and Düsseldorf will grow in the future. Don’t miss the chance to secure yourself a condo and profit from the increase in value!

ACCENTRO is your partner while looking for a condominium

If you think that owning a condominium as capital investment is only for people with big money, you’re wrong. In our wide range of condominiums you surely find one that fits your budget. We’ll be happy to consult you and present you an insight into the property market.

Don’t hesitate to contact us – our team will be pleased to answer all your questions and help you in finding your dream condominium. We are looking forward to guide you!