Real estate as retirement plan

A real estate as retirement plan – Invest in the future

A real estate is a crisis- and inflation-safe investment. Compared to other investments as government loans or shares an investment in real estate is less affected by the fluctuations of the markets. Furthermore owners of real estates are able to achieve higher return on investments. As investment a real estate is also an ideal provision for one’s old age. You can either choose to live in your own real estate and be independent of future rent increases or you can enjoy some extra spare money due to the rent out income.

Especially in growth regions where a lot of university- and big cities in general are based there is a high potential for increased value in real estate. In these regions the population is rising and demanding more living space so there is a huge gap between the available real estates and the demand for it. The consequences are higher rents and buying prices. In the last years the prices for real estates have increased already in cities all over Germany and experts predict that this growth will last in the years to come. Real estate investors then profit from attractive return on investments and an increase in value.

A capital investment as retirement plan – Capitals are offering high growth potential

At the moment, you still be able to find affordable real estates in capitals, especially in Berlin. The price level for real estates in the German capital is way below other cites just to mention Munich. In the last few years prices are rising tough. The reason for this trend is the high demand for real estates in Berlin.

The capital has recorded a constant rise in population over the last years. More and more people from Germany or other countries are moving to the capital, attached by the good job market and the sheer amount of possibilities to spend your spare time.

A condo as retirement plan

Buying a condo is cheaper than renting due to the historically low interest rates. This was also proven by the Cologne institute for Economic Research in their currently released Housing Cost report. To invest in real estate is especially important if you think about your future retirement. It’s important to get consulting regarding your future life situation and how to stabilize your finances even in times of crisis.

The opinion polling institute TNS Emnid held a poll last year in fall, where the result was that 70 percent of Germans think real estate is the better option to trust in then government pension. They’re right, because the gap in government pension plans is getting bigger and bigger. Real estates are a good supplement to the government paid pension.

With rising life expectations people want to take care of their future a little upfront and invest in their own real estate. The purchase of a real estate is much more popular than building a house. This can be explained through the different locations that people consider if they want to use their real estate in old age. The inner city circle has a good infrastructure with lots of cultural activities, close-by shopping possibilities and a direct line to the public transport system. A high amenity is also a big factor as energy efficiency is. An intelligent interior, called Smart Home, gains more and more popularity. In such a household all of the domestic appliances communicate with each other and heating, lighting and electricity are online accessible.

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