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Our selection of: houses for sale in Brandenburg

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Buying a House in Brandenburg – More than just Countryside and Lakes

Buying a house in Brandenburg is a proposition equally interesting for investors and prospective owner-occupiers. The state offers many virtually untouched rural areas barely developed, plenty of water and greenery, scenic places along with towns rich in cultural options. Especially the suburbs straddling the city limits of the booming capital Berlin are as popular as ever. Buying a house in Brandenburg in the so-called gravy belt around the metropolis is more than interesting as far as returns on investment go. But more remote locations, including the fascinating alluvial forest landscape of Spreewald and the numerous towns along the River Havel, are at least as good a choice if you are looking for a place to live. Discover your options for buying property in Brandenburg, and find the most promising properties for sale from Accentro.

Buying a House in Brandenburg: What Do You Have in Mind?

While Brandenburg is one of Germany’s larger states, it is home to around 2.5 million people only. More than one third of its territory is made up of forests, lakes, rivers and nature reserves. For outdoor enthusiasts or anyone who likes it quaint and quiet, buying a house in Brandenburg is the perfect solution for a new residence and life.

Always remember that in the very heart of Brandenburg lies the German capital Berlin with all of its amenities. A vibrant metropolis, Berlin is the very opposite of the tranquil countryside beyond its city limits, but always close at hand with its appeal and influence. Not least because of the housing shortage in Berlin, buying a house in Brandenburg in the gravy belt around the national capital is highly attractive to investors. Prices for condominiums, houses and plots of land in the suburbs are on the rise – and you could benefit from it.

Get to Know Brandenburg before Buying Property

Before buying a house in Brandenburg, you should take a closer look at the state and find out what it has to offer to people interested in making it their home. As already suggested, the local real estate market close to Berlin is subject to entirely different valuation criteria than the remoter regions of Brandenburg, well away from the Berlin metro area. This is explained by the fact that buying a house just beyond the state line in Brandenburg will let you take advantage of the great transport links within the metro region but will also burden you with higher costs while buying you less floor area for the same kind of money. For the same reasons, properties near Berlin are much easier to let and will earn a much higher return on investment.

So, if you are toying with the idea of buying a house in Brandenburg in order to owner-occupy it, you need to weigh the pros and cons. You may have to pay dearly for being close to Berlin. Then again, you may not wish to live all the way out in the countryside. A good compromise that could work for you is to check out the other cities in the region. Immediately south-west of Berlin lies Potsdam, the state capital of Brandenburg. It has plenty of culture and stunning architecture to offer, but real estate prices are quite high.

Far more affordable, but also much more rural and conservative are the regional centres Cottbus, Frankfurt an der Oder or Brandenburg an der Havel. For owner-occupiers, it can by all means be a healthy compromise to buy a home in these remoter parts of Brandenburg. Investors, by contrast, often have a harder time finding good tenants in these areas, depending on the location. The population is in decline in many rural districts of Brandenburg, causing residential vacancies.

Buying a House in Berlin’s Suburbs – the Appeal of the Gravy Belt

Berlin’s so-called gravy belt extends along the banks of the River Havel and along the A10 orbital motorway circling the city. Real estate in this part of the metro region has experienced fast appreciation over the past years and therefore remains popular among investors who buy houses in Brandenburg with a view to handsome returns. Despite the stepped-up housing construction, Berlin is bursting at the seams, and many of its residents are moving to the outskirts or neighbouring districts in Brandenburg in order to combine a home away from the city noise with convenient transportation access to the city’s amenities.

You should probably act on this window of opportunity. Buying a house in Brandenburg in the immediate vicinity of Berlin’s gravy belt continues to be a great investment and will pay off within a short period of time. Demand is permanently high, as are the purchasing power and the solvency of the residents planning to leave the booming metropolis. Especially high-earning couples with double incomes like to browse the quieter residential locations in the suburbs to start a family or simply to return to the tranquillity of their own gardens at night or to have an easier time spending weekends in the countryside.

Buying a House in Brandenburg: Property Types, Locations and Size Bands

Browse Accentro’s listings for a wide variety of properties if you plan buying a house in Brandenburg. Depending on whether you are looking for a new home for yourself or whether you are looking for a buy-to-let investment opportunity, you may want to look at more than one type of property. You will find we offer brand-new single-family detached homes or semi-detached units on the periphery of Berlin as well as attractive multi-unit dwellings or terraced houses in sound locations with an excellent lettings outlook. As experienced estate agents, we at Accentro will assist you with advice and hands-on support, and guide you through the entire process of buying a house in Brandenburg. Naturally, we will charge no agent fee when you buy a house from us.

Most suitable for owner-occupancy are terraced houses, detached homes or semi-detached units due to their characteristics. Farmhouses represent yet another type of house popular in Brandenburg. Properties of this type are relatively easy to let and have a negligible tenant churn. Worth noting moreover is that the number of houses to let is limited. That said, multi-unit dwellings promise higher rates of return. Collection losses and vacancies are easier to compensate, and they offer more flexible ways to enforce rent reviews. Conversely, they generate more administrative costs.

But no matter what sort of property you choose, be sure to study the location of a given plot and its size. Depending on your reasons for wanting to buy a house in Brandenburg, you should pick one whose size, location and fit-out are fit for purpose. In the case of buy-to-let investment assets, you should always focus on the envisioned tenant constituency and select your property accordingly. The ultimate yardstick to apply to a property intended for owner-occupancy is, of course, your own set of expectations.

Buying a House in Brandenburg: Cleverly Financing Affordable Offers

If you wish to buy a house in Brandenburg, you should by all means familiarise yourself with the various financing and funding opportunities. The state of Brandenburg offers several attractive funding programs for investors targeting economically underdeveloped regions. Combined with the low selling prices, buying a house in Brandenburg can be a rewarding investment even with a small equity stake.

But the closer you buy to Berlin, the deeper you will have to dig into your pocket. Then again, the low level of interest rates makes it easy to convince financial institutions to bankroll your commitment. This is all the more true because you will have no trouble finding solvent tenants in Berlin’s suburbs who are just waiting for an opportunity to move into a well-appointed property. The best way to start would probably be to talk to your principal banker or else to contact one of Accentro’s experienced estate agents.

Are you looking for a house with parking spot right outside and an adequate dwelling floor area for you and your family, or would you like to acquire a house in Brandenburg as income-producing property? If so, we will gladly help you with your property search!



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