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Our selection of: Berlin houses in Spandau

Your Berlin House in Spandau: Close to the Center, Surrounded by Serene Nature
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Buying a House in Spandau in the Far West of Berlin

Anyone planning to buy a house in Berlin will consider the options in several boroughs. Spandau rarely makes the shortlist. Which is too bad, because this borough in the far west of the German capital offers outstanding properties as buy-to-let investments and amazing houses for owner-occupancy – often on the bank of the River Havel or lake shores nearby. Buying a house in Spandau can therefore be a rewarding proposition – assuming you have the right partner by your side. Accentro will not only help you identify suitable properties but also assist you every step of the way toward homeownership in Spandau.

Talk to an Agent Before Buying a House in Spandau

For most people, investing in a piece of property is the transaction of a lifetime. As often as not, they will clean out their entire savings and borrow heavily for the purpose. It is perfectly understandable why you would want to consult a specialist when contemplating homeownership in Spandau. Accentro is here to help.

As an estate agency with real estate expertise in Berlin and Brandenburg, we know exactly what it takes to buy a house in Spandau. We will gladly advise you on such an important private investment and will look together with you for the perfect property to move into or else to let in order to collect rental income. We have a wealth of experience with the fast-evolving real estate market of Berlin, and will safely guide you past potential pitfalls on your way to homeownership in Spandau.

We strongly discourage buying property without the assistance of an estate agent. Property listings will often promise a sale with no agent fee. But this means only that the costs of the estate agent have already been factored into the price to attract more prospects. Buying a house in Spandau is rarely ever possible without an estate agent – whether you are charged a fee or not.

Buying a House in Spandau – Living Right on the Riverbank

Before buying a house in Spandau, it makes sense, of course, to familiarise yourself with this special borough on the western edge of the city. Looking back on a history of nearly 800 years as an independent town, Spandau was only amalgamated by Berlin in 1920. Striking to note, Spandau hugs the right bank of the River Havel for a considerable stretch, and therefore offers a large number of waterfront properties and residential areas close to water.

Spandau is the fourth-largest of Berlin’s boroughs, and home to roughly a quarter of a million residents. Spandau divides into nine localities, among them Spandau proper, which includes the historic town centre, and the former hamlets of Kladow and Gatow. These parts of Spandau are particularly popular among locals and investors, too.

Buying a House in Spandau, a District Full of Possibilities

As with other cities and districts, you have the choice between a variety of house types of every size when you are looking for a house to buy in Spandau. If the idea is to buy a house in Spandau to make it your permanent home, your best bet would probably be a classic single-family detached home, a semi-detached unit or a terraced house in an attractive housing estate.

While these house types also qualify as buy-to-let investments, buyers looking for income-producing property tend to gravitate toward multi-unit dwellings, rental apartment buildings or individual condominiums. If you can afford a bit more extravagance, you should look into a townhouse when buying a house in Spandau. Although such up-market homes are hard to find, they represent great assets to round off your portfolio and promise a high degree of appreciation.

Things to Remember when Buying a House in Spandau

Naturally, buying a house in Spandau involves the same check-lists as any other real estate investment. This is particularly true when it comes to location. For one thing, the access infrastructure is excellent in most localities of Spandau due to their proximity to the expressway and integration into the public transportation network.

The actual property and the plot it sits on should initially be scrutinised in regard to site area and dwelling floor area. Naturally, the number of rooms and the layout also play an important role. Since Spandau is more of a residential borough, you may also consider families with children when trying to figure out what size and layout you should aim for in the house you plan to buy.

Bright rooms, a well-proportioned modern fitted kitchen and a private parking spot outside are extras that could drive up the purchase price but also the future rent rate. Feel free to discuss all of these details with us. We will help you with the calculation and will, of course, take account of the latest trend on Berlin’s real estate market.

Whether you go for a sunshiny townhouse, a single-family detached home or a conservative terraced house – we are sure you will find just the right property that will let you take advantage of the low interest rates and exploit the superb yield prospects in Berlin-Spandau.



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