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Our selection of: Berlin real estate in Köpenick

Your Berlin House in Köpenick: Enjoy Life in Berlin’s Greenest and Most Idyllic Area
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Buying a House in Köpenick, the Green East End of Berlin

The far south-western corner of Berlin is considered one of the finest places to live in the city, and understandably so. While this goes for the entire borough of Treptow-Köpenick, it is particularly true for the district of Köpenick, which hugs the riverbanks of Dahme and Müggelspree and extends along the lakefront of Grosser Müggelsee. But the district’s many bodies of water are not its only highlight. If you plan to buy a house in Köpenick, you will get the beautiful historic town centre with its manor, excellent transport links and plenty of greenery thrown in on the deal, what with the proximity of Brandenburg. Accentro will gladly help you find the perfect property in Köpenick, and assist you in all aspects of buying a home.

What Makes an Estate Agent so Important when Buying a House in Köpenick

Buying a house in Köpenick is an exciting and major investment for most people. Regardless of whether you are seeking a buy-to-let property or a dream house for yourself – it will in any case be easier with an estate agent by your side. We recommend consulting a specialist when buying a house, so as to be sure that the purchase price has been correctly appraised, that the deal is transacted with legally certainty, and that the yield prospects are properly calculated.

Accentro is your experienced partners when it comes to buying a house in Köpenick or anywhere else in Berlin and Brandenburg. We will gladly advise you, from a first market screening to the eventual handover of the keys. We are thoroughly familiar with the property market of the Berlin metro region, its peculiarities, and, of course, its latest developments. Entrust yourself to the experienced estate agents of Accentro if you wish to acquire a house in Köpenick.

Rising property prices and keen demand tempts some people to sign the deed without an estate agent in order to save the agent fee. We discourage the practice. For one thing, estate agents tend to be involved even in deals offered without fee, with the agent’s cost simply recovered in some hidden way. Secondly, you lack the necessary know-how to manoeuvre in the complex field of real estate trading without an estate agent. So, if you are serious about buying a house in Köpenick, do take advantage of our services.

Buying a House in Köpenick and Living Close to Water

Köpenick is a district within the borough of Treptow-Köpenick, and is considered extremely laid back and family-friendly. Far from the downtown bustle, and featuring likes, rivers and green areas galore, Köpenick is perfect for families or a rock-solid investment destination with safe returns. The conservative and peaceful environment is reflected in the local population total. Köpenick is home to 66,000 residents only, spread across nearly 35 square kilometres.

Your first look at the district when contemplating the acquisition of property in Köpenick will probably be dominated by the vast expanse of Müggelsee. Köpenick occupies the west and south shore of Berlin’s largest lake and therefore offers not just a few attractive waterfront plots but also many places for swimming and other aquatics. The benefits of this unique infrastructure make the district so popular, and they are mirrored in prices and rents.

Buying a House in Berlin-Köpenick – the City’s Ideal District for Families

Unlike boroughs close to the centre with their office buildings and densely development residential areas, buildings in Köpenick are more loosely scattered. So, when you come to Köpenick to buy a house, your choices will not be limited to the rental apartment buildings typical of Berlin, but include classic detached or semi-detached homes and terraced houses. High-net-worth investors or affluent families may also consider a townhouse. You will often find special properties of this type close to bodies of water.

If you wish to buy a house in Köpenick for the purpose of generating income, you will benefit from a permanently high demand for housing of any kind. Especially families are turning their back on the overcrowded inner city and head toward the outskirts in search of greenery, parklands, high-level livability and access to water. Köpenick offers all of the above while being conveniently connected to downtown Berlin at the same time.

Things to Remember when Buying a House in Köpenick

Buying a house in Köpenick is a step that should be carefully weighed. Assuming you are looking for a property for owner-occupancy, you will know your preferences with respect to dimensions, layout and dwelling floor area better than anybody else. But even if you plan to let your house, you should pay close attention to a number of attributes. These include location above all, meaning the access infrastructure of the site as well as the transport links in the district and shopping venues in the neighbourhood.

For the calculation of the purchase price and the potential rate of return, the dwelling floor area probably plays the most important role. Buying a generously proportioned house in Köpenick often implies more costs, but also higher long-term returns. An experienced estate agent can help you carry out the proper calculations and to ensure that your expectations are realistic. As soon as the new property is ready for occupancy, you will start collecting revenues and will see your investment vindicated.

Whether it is a semi-detached unit, a multi-unit dwelling, a terraced house, a single-family detached home or a spacious townhouse – you are likely to find just what you are looking for in the borough of Treptow-Köpenick. So, go ahead and buy a house in Köpenick to secure handsome returns for the years ahead. Do get in touch with us any time and let us help you find the property of your dreams.



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