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New-Build Flat in Wedding, Let on Long-Term Lease
New-Build Flat in Wedding, Let on Long-Term Lease
New-Build Flat in Wedding, Let on Long-Term Lease
New-Build Flat in Wedding, Let on Long-Term Lease
New-Build Flat in Wedding, Let on Long-Term Lease
New-Build Flat in Wedding, Let on Long-Term Lease
New-Build Flat in Wedding, Let on Long-Term Lease
New-Build Flat in Wedding, Let on Long-Term Lease
New-Build Flat in Wedding, Let on Long-Term Lease
New-Build Flat in Wedding, Let on Long-Term Lease
New-Build Flat in Wedding, Let on Long-Term Lease
New-Build Flat in Wedding, Let on Long-Term Lease
New-Build Flat in Wedding, Let on Long-Term Lease
New-Build Flat in Wedding, Let on Long-Term Lease

New-Build Flat in Wedding, Let on Long-Term Lease

Exerzierstraße 34
13357 Berlin - Wedding

Condo nr: 7800-38
Category: Apartment / Mezzanine floor
Built in: 1989
Floor: 0
Balcony/Patio: yes
Courtage: no
Tenanted: yes
Rent: 404,97 €

2 Rooms | 60.72 m² | 255.100,00 €

Energy certificate Built in: 1989
Type of heating: Central heating
Type of energy source: Oil
Type of energy pass: Consumption certificate
Energy specific value: 147.00 kWh/m²a
Energy with hot water: No
Energy efficiency class: E
Certificate valid until: 02.09.2029
I am your contact for this apartment:
Frau Vivian Buchholz
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Exerzierstraße 30 GF 7800-12 63,97 sqm reserved hired out
Exerzierstraße 34 GF 7800-382 60,72 sqm 255.100,00 € available hired out Show Groundplan Inquiry


These two multi-unit dwellings on Exerzierstrasse in Berlin-Wedding occupy a corner plot between two quiet side streets. Striking to note are the large window expanses and the unique floor plans, which make these residential buildings from 1989 stand out from their surroundings. Its façade will be repainted in a bright, harmonious colour scheme in conjunction with the refurbishment scheduled for late 2018/early 2019. The brick foundation of the right-hand house with its pointed façade will be cleaned and preserved in its specific structure. The six-storey building includes an attic floor and features two entranceways and a beautifully arranged courtyard with play areas, benches and trees. The housing estate is supplemented by a hexagonal tower building of five floors.


The apartments in the three building sections have bespoke floor plans and range from 1 to 6 bedrooms and from around 50 to 196 square metres. All of the flats are handicap-accessible via a lift. Most flats feature either a conservatory or a balcony. The floor-length windows of the conservatory create a particularly bright and warm atmosphere. To meet modern home amenity requirements, the majority of flats either come with eat-in kitchens or else the kitchen and living-room areas are connected via double-panel doors. The kitchens, which are large enough to accommodate a dining nook, have their own windows or direct access to the balconies or conservatories, as the case may be. Tub-equipped bathrooms, many of them lit by natural light, satisfy the latest standards of living, and some flats have been expanded to include an extra guest WC.


All flats come with a dedicated basement storage room while also sharing a common basement area.


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Despite its vibrancy, Wedding also has its quiet spots, Exerzierstrasse being one of them, the perfect retreat in the heart of the city.


Located between Osloer Strasse, Nauener Platz and Pankstrasse, this quiet residential street marks the boundary between the Wedding and the sub-district of Gesundbrunnen. While itself quiet, the site lies only about one kilometre away from vibrant Leopoldplatz and, in the opposite direction, from the teeming streets close to the -Gesundbrunnen- station with its annexed mall, Gesundbrunnen-Center, and the many small storefronts and bars that mirror the multicultural life of the neighbourhood.


A walk of just five minutes will take you from Exerzierstrasse to the meandering Panke creek whose banks are lined with unique cafés and quirky restaurants - a small sanctuary in the middle of the big city that attracts people especially in the summertime. You will also find, in microcosm, the international flair that defines Berlin. Languages other than German that are spoken here include Spanish, Arabic, English, Danish, among others: People from many different countries meet in Wedding and set the scene for a carefree and vibrant way of life.


There is a down-to-earth quality about the district’s diversity. The quarter also offers a wide variety of leisure, shopping and sports venues. The nearby area close to the Uferhallen complex reflects the special joie-de-vivre of the quarter. For ten years now, studios for contemporary dance have occupied the listed landmark brick building and have risen to the status of an internationally renowned institution during this time.


If you head down Badstrasse toward -Gesundbrunnen- station, you will find a busy shopping centre as well as the expansive grounds of Volkspark Humboldthain complete with rose garden and observation platform. During the warm time of year, the Humboldthain public outdoor swimming pool is a perfect place to take it easy. Come to lively world of Wedding - it’s all in the name!


Information on Berlin’s -Rent Cap- Rent Control Measure


The contractually agreed net rent for the apartment is EUR 425,5/month.

Please note, however, that Berlin’s new law re-regulating the statutory provisions governing rent ceilings (MietenWoG Bln; hereinafter -the Rent Cap-) became effective on 23 February 2020. Unless declared unconstitutional, void or ineffective by a court of law, the Rent Cap will remain in effect for an initial period of five years. Assuming the effectiveness of the Rent Cap, the basic net rent without service charges for this apartment is


- from 23/02/2020 until 22/11/2020: EUR 414,82/month,

- as of 23/11/2020: EUR 404,97/month.


In the event, however, that the Rent Cap is ruled unconstitutional, void or ineffective, the basic net rent without service charges originally agreed in the lease agreement will continue to apply. In fact, the basic net rent without service charges as agreed in the lease agreement may even apply if the Rent Cap is ruled partially unconstitutional, void or ineffective, and will apply again once the Rent Cap expires or becomes ineffective. Please seek legal advice in this matter. For more details on the subject, go to the homepage of the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing:, but be advised that we assume no liability whatsoever for the contents on that website.

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