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Our selection of: real estate in Schöneiche

An Attractive City for Purchasing Real Estate: Schöneiche
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Make a profitable investment with your new apartment: Potsdam is worth it

You are looking for real estate in Potsdam? Browse our listings, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Our portfolio features modern spacious flats, family friendly homes, and compact single apartments in Potsdam – Accentro can offer you a wide range of choices in every category.

Potsdam has acquired an excellent reputation as a residential area in recent years. Its vicinity to Berlin, its picturesque cityscape and its gorgeous surroundings make it attractive for many people. Since 2007, Potsdam’s population has continued to grow steadily and currently counts 158,000. With respect to rents and market prices, Potsdam holds the top position of all former GDR states, with hardly any remaining vacancies. Although the construction of new real estate is supported by the city administration, supply cannot keep pace with demand. The purchase of Potsdam real estate is a profitable investment with a first class outlook on increasing value.

Apartments in Potsdam: high living standards guaranteed

The state capital of Brandenburg offers a more laid back and less stressful atmosphere than its neighboring metropolis Berlin. That doesn’t mean Potsdam isn’t a city in its own right! It boasts a historic city center with a wide choice of shops, boutiques and malls, a famous theater and several universities. Next to its bustling cultural life, Potsdam derives its charm from the many waterside locations and green spots all around. Not to forget its superb public transport infrastructure that quickly brings you to Berlin or to a serene Brandenburg lake of your choice, depending on what you feel like.

If you are interested in purchasing real estate and are looking for apartments in Potsdam, have a look at our listings here.



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