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Condominium in Schleswig-Holstein – Discovering Germany’s Seashores and Outdoor Diversity

From Flensburg on the Danish border, to the lovely communities on the North Sea coast, and all the way to the cities of Kiel and Lübeck on the Baltic Sea – Germany’s northern-most state is a fabulous place to invest in real estate due to its rural nature and long coast lines. Acquiring a condominium in Schleswig-Holstein can therefore be a great investment asset – or else the perfect choice for owner-occupancy. Depending on location and region, prices and prospects vary considerably. The best way to go is to seek the assistance of an experienced partner for your real estate transactions.

Accentro will gladly help you buy a condominium in Schleswig-Holstein. Browse our listings for a suitable asset or let us support you in doing your own survey of the market. Are you dreaming of a flat directly by the sea, or do you wish to generate returns with residential units in northern Germany? Whatever your plan is, we look forward to helping you make it come true.

Acquiring a Flat in Schleswig-Holstein, a Multi-Faceted State

Hearing the name Schleswig-Holstein, you may initially think of the typical holiday destinations on the North Sea coast, such as Husum or St. Peter-Ording, or the islands of Sylt and Föhr. But this state straddling both the eastern and western seaboards has so much more to offer. Kiel, Lübeck, Flensburg and Neumünster are four of the state’s large independent cities that are as far from the solitude of the beach as you could possibly get. Suburbs of the city state of Hamburg that, while economically and culturally closely linked to the metropolis, are located in Schleswig-Holstein include Ahrensburg, Norderstedt and Pinneberg.

So, if you intend to acquire a condominium in Schleswig-Holstein, you have a wide variety of regions to choose from, each of which has its own pros and cons. Properties may be pricier in the cities and in the Hamburg metro area, but you also benefit from stronger demand for housing. On the coast, by contrast, you will easily find attractive properties for owner-occupancy—many of them detached homes—or for letting as holiday cottages, and you will also find very special seaside places.

Smartly Investing Your Capital in a Condominium in Schleswig-Holstein

If your mind is set on buying a condominium in Schleswig-Holstein to generate returns on investment, the major cities or the densely populated suburbs of Hamburg would be the obvious choice. The countryside of this coastal state is, for the most part, very sparsely populated. While you may find a worthwhile investment opportunity here and there, the market is dominated by holiday homes more so than by classic rental accommodation.

Many communities in Schleswig-Holstein count among the country’s smallest in terms of area and population. Some of them are as sparsely populated per square kilometre as Mongolia or the western Sahara. This may explain why most commercial real estate traders tend to bypass Schleswig-Holstein more or less. Yet this very fact may translate into an opportunity for you to find in Schleswig-Holstein exactly the condominium you are looking for.

Finding a Suitable Condominium in Schleswig-Holstein

In addition to the region and the immediate surroundings of a property, the size and fit-out features obviously play a key role – and this goes both for flats intended for owner-occupancy and for properties that are supposed to be let. The condominiums available for sale in Schleswig-Holstein are subject to considerable differences in this regard. There are classic multi-unit dwellings with ground-floor flats, terraced flats or attic flats with a small basement store room, a narrow hallway and rooms of compact size, but you also get amazing terraced houses surrounded by greenery or dunes, complete with private parking spot, fitted kitchen and roof terrace.

So, if you are planning to purchase a condominium in Schleswig-Holstein, you should take a hard look at the location and condition of a given flat. A recently refurbished flat may come with a bigger price tag, but it will probably cost far less in terms of maintenance and repairs. Opulent houses with out-sized apartments can be difficult to let in some regions, but might generate handsome returns in another community nearby. The best way to find out about the peculiarities of a regional market is by consulting an experienced Accentro expert.

Bringing in a Good Estate Agent to Buy a Flat in Schleswig-Holstein

Fee or no fee – an estate agent is involved in almost every property sale in Germany. Prospects seeking to buy condominiums in Schleswig-Holstein as buy-to-let investments will often bring an estate agent aboard not only because of the agent’s familiarity with the market but also to get a realistic idea of future rent revenues. After all, a good estate agent will not only help you acquire a given property at a good price but will also help you make it profitable.

We at Accentro are glad to see you are interested in buying a condominium in Schleswig-Holstein. We are certain that some of our property listings will catch your eye (be it a ground-floor flat, a terraced flat or an attic flat, among other options). Feel free to get in touch with us directly and to commission us to find just the right property for you. We look forward to your note or call. Buying a home in Schleswig-Holstein that is offered by Accentro will cost you no agent fee.



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