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Find Your New Condominium in Rheinberg

Rheinberg on the Lower Rhine combines the tranquillity and ease of country living with the vibrant culture of the nearby cities in the Ruhr. Rheinberg is a great place for getting away from the bustling workday reality and for making yourself at home on the bank of Germany’s longest river. At the same time, you are only a short motorway commute away from Ruhr metropolises like Essen and Duisburg. Find your new condominium in Rheinberg through Accentro. Take advantage of the favourable situation on the local real estate market to acquire an apartment as income-producing property. Alternatively, you might want to choose your condominium in Rheinberg as your own future home. We will gladly advise you on the diverse possibilities – with no agent fee charged to you as buyer. For more information about condos Rheinberg click here

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Buy Vacant 2-Bedroom Flat with Sunny Balcony

Vacant 2-Bedroom Flat with Sunny Balcony

1.5 Rooms | Size 39.5 sqm
Katte Kull 38, 47495 Rheinberg
Reference nr.: 16722413

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Buy Buy-to-let Investment in Attic Flat: Out in the Country with a sunny Roof Terrace

Buy-to-let Investment in Attic Flat: Out in the Country with a sunny Roof Terrace

1.5 Rooms | Size 39.5 sqm
Katte Kull 38, 47495 Rheinberg
Reference nr.: 16722411

89.000,00 € Remove from watchlist Save to watchlist See details >
Buy Such a Nice Way to Live! Vacant 3-Bedroom Flat with Balcony!

Such a Nice Way to Live! Vacant 3-Bedroom Flat with Balcony!

2.5 Rooms | Size 78 sqm
Katte Kull 40, 47495 Rheinberg
Reference nr.: 16722409

165.000,00 € Remove from watchlist Save to watchlist See details >
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Why Buy a Condominium in Rheinberg?

Rheinberg is looking back on a history of at least a thousand years. The region’s culture is defined by a corresponding degree of diversity. Many beautiful churches and other history-steeped buildings make the city a gem and a lovely place to call your home. The eastern edge of Rheinberg straddles the riverbank and features a large number of green spaces that are directly located in the Rhine floodplain. If you wish to buy a condominium in Rheinberg and plan to let it, the sound location of the city will work in your favour.

Rheinberg is located on the Lower Rhine in the western part of North Rhine-Westphalia. It lies in Wesel district, which in turn is part of the Düsseldorf administrative district, and has a population of 31,000. Many of the local residents work for online retailer Amazon who has operated an enormous logistics centre here since 2011. Other prominent local employers with promising job opportunities include the Solvay chemical plant, the Underberg spirits company and the nearby salt mine. These form the bedrock of the town’s economic stability and therefore of the purchasing power of your potential tenants if you buy a condominium in Rheinberg.

Condominiums in Rheinberg as Investment Asset

As in any other city, everything depends on the location when you are shopping for a condominium in Rheinberg. A refurbished condominium in a good location with private parking spot, garden or balcony will be sure to engage solvent tenants. Spacious flats with ample dwelling floor area are perfect for families who plan to make their home close to the Rhine. Smaller residential units with less dwelling floor area, by contrast, are more likely to appeal to single and young career starters but also to seniors. But in any case, Accentro will help you find a nice buy-to-let condominium with great yield prospects in Rheinberg.

Earning Profits with Rental Flats in Rheinberg

Anyone planning to buy and let a condominium here has reason to look forward to stable rent rates and a constant level of demand. Although the rent level in the city falls short of the average in North Rhine-Westphalia, this is quite normal for rural areas when compared to the many cities in the state with their elevated prices. Moreover, square-metre rents have noticeably gone up over the past years. In the case of rental flats of 60 sqm, tenants pay roughly one euro more per square metre than they did in 2011. For you as owner, this trend means that a condominium in Rheinberg constitutes a very promising investment opportunity.

Buying and Owner-Occupying a Condominium in Rheinberg

Are you looking for a condominium in Rheinberg and planning to make it your own home? If so, we can obviously help you with our experience in the Rhineland. We will surely find a nice apartment in perfect condition for you, with all the amenities you need in order to feel right at home. Whether it is a four-bedroom flat with garden and patio or an elegant two-bedroom flat with private parking spot to ensure your mobility – let Accentro show you the optimal property for owner-occupancy. You can either check out our website for available apartments or contact our advisers directly by phone or via e-mail.

Buying a Condominium in Rheinberg from Accentro

Accentro has been your partner for condominiums since 1999. What we have to offer is a large selection of flats across Germany, either for letting or for owner-occupancy. Browse our listings for just the condominium you have in mind, either in Rheinberg or in another welcoming community in North Rhine-Westphalia, and take advantage of the great yield prospects of our assets. Let our professional consultants advise you!



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