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Our Offer for: Condominiums Ratingen

New Property for You – Flats to Sell in Ratingen (North Rhine-Westphalia)

Buying a condominium in ancient Ratingen, the largest town in Mettmann district, is a forward-looking approach to capital preservation. The acquisition of a property in Ratingen in North Rhine-Westphalia, be it as buy-to-let investment or for owner-occupancy, is an investment of lasting value and one sure to enhance the security of your retirement plan. For more information about condos Ratingen click here.

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Buy Well-kept 2-room apartment in green location in Ratingen as capital investment

Well-kept 2-room apartment in green location in Ratingen as capital investment

2 Rooms | Size 46.94 sqm
Bahnhofstraße 4a, 40883 Ratingen
Reference nr.: 16718318

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Buy Quiet condominium with green view and balcony in Ratingen as capital investment

Quiet condominium with green view and balcony in Ratingen as capital investment

3 Rooms | Size 84.56 sqm
Bahnhofstraße 4, 40883 Ratingen
Reference nr.: 16718306

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Buy Well-kept 3-room apartment in green location in Ratingen as capital investment

Well-kept 3-room apartment in green location in Ratingen as capital investment

3 Rooms | Size 81.18 sqm
Bahnhofstraße 4a, 40883 Ratingen
Reference nr.: 16718314

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Buying property in Ratingen means more than homeownership in the most populous city of Mettmann district. For the town is also a suburb of Düsseldorf, the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, and within easy reach of cities in the Ruhr, such as Duisburg, Mülheim and Essen thanks to an excellent transport infrastructure. While being considered business-friendly, Ratingen is also known for its historic town centre, cultural venues, extensive woodlands and generally as a place of high-level liveability and feel-good ambience.


Ratingen benefits from its proximity to Düsseldorf and Essen, two of Germany’s leading trade fair cities. Clever trade fair visitors from inside or outside Germany often prefer staying at hotels in Ratingen rather than in Düsseldorf proper because the commute to the fairgrounds in northern Düsseldorf, for example, is shorter form Ratingen than from the southern edge of the city.
According a demographic forecast, Ratingen’s population is expected to grow to more than 95,000 residents by 2030. As it is, the city’s current population of 90,000 makes it the most populous city in Mettmann district in North Rhine-Westphalia while at the same time Ratingen is the city with the highest employment density in that district. The proximity to Düsseldorf and other major cities, the convenient transport access to Düsseldorf Airport, to the motorway and generally to the local and long-haul road network underscore the appeal of Ratingen as a business and service industry location. For the same reasons—including the great road- and rail-bound transport links, the high economic strength, the availability of skilled labour and the nearness of other cities—Ratingen is a popular place of residence. International companies like LG Electronics, SAP, Vodafone, Esprit, Hewlett-Packard/DXC or Mitsubishi maintain branch offices here, well within reach of Düsseldorf as the country’s second-largest banking and stock market centre.
But with its cobbled historic town centre and inner city, richly diversified high-street shopping venues, leisure attractions, infrastructure amenities, street markets, regular art and cultural events and tradition-steeped museums, Ratingen is also an attractive district seat. Although it has a lion in its red and white coat of arms, the city is locally known as “Dumeklemmerstad” or “city of crushed thumbs,” a name rooted in local lore.


The legend of the crushed thumb dates back to the days of Saint Suitbert. According to legend, his thumb got caught in the city gate and was crushed flat, prompting him to curse the city’s future generations to be inflicted with a flat thumb. The fountain monument outside St. Peter and Paul, the city’s most prominent church, commemorates the tale by showing three children with flat thumbs. The true background to it, however, is a reference to the thumb screws used as torture tool by the executioners of the County of Berg, one of whose capitals was Ratingen. In the vicinity of the monument on the market square you will also find many other architectural landmarks. The market square itself serves as site of the Ratingen Festival open-air event with life music and international celebrities once a year. It is but one of many aspects contributing to the high-level liveability that you buy into when becoming a homeowner in Ratingen. Being a pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly city, Ratingen is part of the Euroga cycling network that included inner-city links while also connecting the town to Düsseldorf, Duisburg or Essen. The city also owns a total of four museums with modern and cultural-history art. These are complemented by sights like the medieval water castle “Haus zum Haus,” the lakeside fairy tale zoo at Blauer See, Gräfgenstein Castle or the Cromford mansion district on the grounds of the first mechanical spinning factory in Europe. Not least, the city also has a highly developed social structure that is reflected in its choice of elementary and secondary schools.


Ratingen has long been home to internationally active companies. They appreciate the regional and local advantages of being located in a city both economically strong and embedded in a metro-region. Around 20 percent of the jobs in the city are in the information and telecommunication technology sectors. In addition to the well-developed infrastructure and social structure, the city also boasts a modern fibre-optics network that highlights the significance of the communication structure for a town that is evolving into a smart city. To balance the brisk pace of the working life, residents benefit from a rich array of cultural and leisure amenities. There are three golf course, two swimming pools, outdoor options in surrounding woodlands, a number of active clubs, a theatre and opera house as well as galleries.
Due to its proximity to the fairgrounds of at least two cities, Ratingen is amazingly well endowed with hotels and gastronomic venues – indeed, so much so that it hosts conventions and conferences in its own right.


Ratingen, a charming city of ancient history in North Rhine-Westphalia that combines a high degree of liveability and plenty of leisure attractions with the proximity to Düsseldorf, now offers fascinating properties – brought to you by ACCENTRO.



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