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Condominium in Bedburg: A modern city with a traditional heart

The city Bedburg is located in the northern part of the Rhine-Erft-area and has around 25.000 residents. The city is very well connected, centrally located and close to Cologne (38 km), Düsseldorf (34 km), Mönchengladbach (31 km) and Aachen (49 km). The proximity to the surrounding metropolises and the good public transport connections characterize the cities attractiveness and make a condo in Bedburg as capital investment especially appealing. Bedburg has loads of benefits as a stable economic location that are of interest for owning a condo in Bedburg as resident or for the pension scheme. For more information about condos Bedburg click here

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Purchasing a condo: Bedburg as showcase city of new development

Formerly characterized by surface mining, the environment of Bedburg is currently changing. With the re-cultivation of the landscape and the structure change, that is promoted by the inter communal project :Terranova, Bedburg is adjusting to a future-oriented policy in terms of energy and environment. New construction projects are always under the omen of sustainability and the energy revolution. A very important project is the wind farm Königshovener Höhe that plays an important role in the energy supply of Northern-Rhine-Westphalia. The social infrastructure, as well as the medical- and cultural offers are huge, so a purchase of a condo in Bedburg is a worthwhile decision. 

Condos in Bedburg: Family friendly living with nature character

Embedded in Colognes bay and bordering the nature park Rheinland, Bedburg is ideal for outdoor sport friends and families. Bedburg has various school types to offer. Pensioners and eldery dependents have a wide choice of places to choose of. If you like solidarity and association life, you’ll love Bedburg. Uncountable possibilities to explore the nearby recreation areas and do sports top off the offers. A condo in Bedburg is available together with the joy of nature and doing activities!

Purchasing a condo in Bedburg: Natural experiences of various kinds included

Bedburg is ideal for all those, who are interested in a condo in Bedburg while spending time at fresh air: The re-designed surface mining scape has a speedway to offer, where bikers and skaters can calmly ride while making pauses at different viewpoints at the track surrounded by mammoth trees and bald cypresses. The forum :terra nova, located at the end of the track, and the current 400 m deep mining scape can be seen and visited. Hiking, trekking, riding and watersports are easily doable too. Water athletes can enjoy their passion at, or in Kasterer See, the Peringsee, the Erft and in the local swimming pool.

Purchasing a condo with good prospects for the future

A condo in Bedburg is a good investment that will pay off in the future: If you purchase now, you’ll profit from the good connection to bigger, near-by cities as Cologne, Aachen, Mönchengladbach and Düsseldorf, the central location and the advantages of community living. Furthermore possibilities for leisure time as various outdoor-sports, association life, restaurants, cafés, as well as art- and culture, for example the Bedburger Theatersommer, will surely please. Tourist attractions like the water castle Bedburg from the 12. Century and its surrounding park invite for some exploration tours. If you’re purchasing a condo in Bedburg, you’re purchasing a high grade of life quality being maintained in the future. If you’re now purchasing a condo in Bedburg, you’re pension scheme is secured through worth increase and life quality. 

Condominium Bedburg – With ACCENTRO to your new home according to your personal whishes

As owner of a condo in Bedburg you’ll set on sustainability in a countryside idyll that has lots to offer. Enjoy the greenery, the good connection and the central location in the middle of the Cologne cove!

Let us advise you – we’re looking forward to it!



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