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Condos in Cologne-Poll

For years now, the city of Cologne has attracted a steady stream of new arrivals. The ancient metropolis on the Rhine is considered open-minded and liberal, but also an economically strong business location and a cultural hot spot in Europe. Especially young, well-trained and often high-earning professionals therefore choose to make the city their new home. This creates the optimal conditions for generating high returns with a condominium in Cologne. Alternatively, you may decide that buying a flat in the metropolis is just as clever an investment when owner-occupied. Invest your capital in a condominium in Cologne-Poll and take advantage of the superb location and connectivity as well as of the persistently strong demand for housing in a growing city.

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Buy Direct View of the Garden: Tenant-Occupied Lower Ground Floor with 2 Bedrooms

Direct View of the Garden: Tenant-Occupied Lower Ground Floor with 2 Bedrooms

2 Rooms | Size 68.41 sqm
Rolshover Kirchweg 82, 51105 Köln
Reference nr.: 16722776

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Buy Buy-to-Let Investment near Nature Reserve: Small Family Flat with 2,5 Bedrooms, Balcony and Great Layout

Buy-to-Let Investment near Nature Reserve: Small Family Flat with 2,5 Bedrooms, Balcony and Great Layout

2.5 Rooms | Size 80.9 sqm
Rolshover Kirchweg 82, 51105 Köln
Reference nr.: 16722782

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Ideal for Buying a Flat: Cologne-Poll has Plenty of Appeal

Cologne’s district of Poll is part of the borough of Porz but is actually very close to Cologne’s historic town centre because it occupies the extreme north-east corner of that borough. Unlike Porz, a rather quiet place that used to be an independent town until the 1970s, Poll is close to the centre of the metropolis directly across the River Rhine, thus combining easy access to the cultural life of the city with the tranquillity of a suburb. So, having a condominium in Cologne-Poll is central enough to cross the Rhine and to get to the trendy quarters in a matter of minutes, on the one hand. On the other hand, the development and population density are much lower here, in the south-east part of the city, making it a much quieter and secluded place. If you are the kind of person who appreciates peace and quiet after a long day at work, you will find Cologne-Poll to be the right residential setting. Still, any time you feel like going out for a night on the town, you can quickly cross one of several Rhine bridges and join in on the fun.

Sound Yield Prospects for Condominiums in Cologne-Poll

Acquiring a condominium in a multi-dwelling unit in Cologne-Poll represents a safe and auspicious private investment. Although the centre of Cologne is very densely populated, the city has kept on growing in the past years. As a result, both natives and new arrivals to Cologne moving into the outlying boroughs. Poll represents a sort of in-between location. While being close to the town centre, it is located across the Rhine on the right bank and officially part of the borough of Porz. Not unlike Nippes further north, Poll counts among the most sought-after districts outside the inner city today. Anyone investing in a condominium in Cologne-Poll will easily be able to find a tenant for it. Meanwhile, all forecasts indicate continued growth – both in terms of Cologne’s demographics and in regard to local property values.

Buying Flats in Cologne-Poll and Making the Most of the Metropolis

Are you planning to move to Cologne and looking for a suitable condominium in Cologne-Poll? If so, you will be sure to find something through ACCENTRO. We will give you the choice of a small, tranquil single-occupancy flat on the ground floor or a family home with a generously proportioned footprint and a dedicated parking spot for the family car, among other units. Quite a number of attractive properties with flats of various sizes are available for owner-occupancy in Cologne-Poll. Benefit from the favourable location of an owner-occupied condominium in Cologne-Poll. From here, you may promenade down the right bank of the Rhine through the meadows of Poller Wiesen, or cross the river via any of three bridges in a matter of minutes in order to splurge on culture and fine food in the historic town centre of Cologne proper. On quiet evenings, you will appreciate the tranquillity of your own part of town, resting up for a fresh start the next day.

Let ACCENTRO Help You Buy a Condominium in Cologne-Poll with No Agent Fee

Make ACCENTRO your partner of choice when it comes to buying a condominium in Cologne-Poll. Let us help you find just the right unit with the optimal dwelling floor area, basement and parking spot, be it for owner-occupancy or as buy-to-let investment. We offer comprehensive consultancy on any issue concerning the acquisition of a condominium in Cologne-Poll, for instance by answering questions about your co-ownership share according to the partition plan, about financing arrangements or about the property acquisition process. Seize this opportunity to buy a condominium in Cologne-Poll, and you may start looking forward to its appreciation in this booming German metropolis.



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