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Our condo offer in Cologne and surrounding

Vivid Rhine cheerful nature – Condo purchase in Cologne and surrounding

The cathedral city Cologne is a magnet for life-loving people, creatives, students and for all those feeling comfy in the Rhine area. The fourth biggest city of Germany with a little more than 1 million residents fascinates with its unbeatable charme and cultural highlights. You’ll profit from a strong economic background and agility with a condo in Cologne and surrounding while having a strong capital investment for the future providing huge growth potential. Cologne will surely remain exciting as fair- and University City. For more information about condos Cologne click here.

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Buy Solid and safe living – Your condominium with balcony at Rhine

Solid and safe living – Your condominium with balcony at Rhine

3 Rooms | Size 66.85 sqm
Schlenderhaner Straße 31, 50735 Köln
Reference nr.: 16715657

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Make provisions for your future with a condo in Cologne

The strong economy of Cologne and surroundings has a positive influence on the population size of the Rhine city. The Land Statistical Office forecasts from 2011 to 2030 an increase of population by around 12.8 percent. The upward trend is clearly apparent. Whoever looks for information about properties in Cologne can profit from good offers and secure a home without fearing rent increases or by profiting as landlord from the uptrend. With a condo in Cologne you surely bet on a safe investment making provisions for the pension scheme.

In our condo portfolio for Cologne and surrounding a good amount of condos for families, as well as for couples and singles can be found. Explore your dream property with us.

Vivid Rhine cheerful nature – Condo purchase in Cologne and surrounding

Cologne is a city of happiness, where the Cologne dialect not only grabs the carnival jesters in the 5. season of the year. The charme of the city directly located at Rhine enchants quickly. No wonder, that loads of companies have their base in the city, especially media companies, numerous publishing houses, large broadcasters and music labels. Uncountable associations, world-wide art dealing, multiple universities and regular international exhibitors on fairs top off the economic diversity. Restaurants, cafés and culture events are mostly high frequented. Experience the vivid and cheerful kind of Rhine people by purchasing a condo in Cologne.

Condo Cologne and surrounding: We’ll find your new home to feel good

If you’re looking for a property in Cologne, we’re happily inviting you to take a look at our portfolio. Let us guide and show you condos in Cologne and surrounding. 



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