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Condominiums in Brandenburg – Discover Attractive Offers

The state of Brandenburg extends from Prenzlau and Wittstock in the north, to the state capital Potsdam in the centre, and all the way to Cottbus in the south. While itself one of the large rural states, Brandenburg has become a real estate investment destination mainly because of the booming German capital which it surrounds on all sides. The metropolis of nearly four million is spilling across its boundaries, and residential accommodation on its periphery is becoming increasingly popular.

Owning a condominium in Brandenburg is therefore very much in demand as an income-producing investment today, but also for owner-occupancy. Buying a flat in Brandenburg gives you the opportunity to benefit from the boom in Berlin without having to stand your ground directly on the city’s real estate market, which has been heating up. What is more, selling prices in the state of Brandenburg remain largely attractive while retaining enormous appreciation potential.

If you are thinking about buying a flat in Brandenburg, we recommend finding an experienced partner who will be able to answer any question you may have concerning the acquisition of real estate. We at Accentro will be happy to help you hunt for just the right piece of property. Browse our inventory and find the home in Brandenburg you are looking for, with no agent fee charged, and go for high rates of return by acquiring property at competitive prices.

Buying a Flat in Brandenburg – Living in the Countryside

Apart from a handful of independent cities, such as Potsdam, Cottbus, Brandenburg an der Havel or Frankfurt an der Oder, the state of Brandenburg is rural in character and offers open country above all. Roughly one third of the state’s territory is zoned as nature protection area, and there are more than 800 large-sized natural bodies of water, the majority having pristine water quality. Rivers that run through the state and are suitable for aquatics include Dahme, Havel, Spree and Oder.

If you are thinking about buying a condominium in Brandenburg, the greenery is perhaps the most convincing argument to move ahead. The same is true with respect to tenants you might let to if you are buying the flat as income-producing property. Reliable tenants, such as young families or commuters to the city, attach great importance to their surroundings and tend to pick specifically locations not only affordable but beautiful, too.

Generating Returns with a Condominium in Brandenburg

Apart from the odd one out, a condominium in Brandenburg is probably not a very risky or spectacular investment, nor will it generate large-scale profits. But this is compensated by the fact that the market is less turbulent and the property income usually very safe. It is the ideal asset for conservative investors and for investors wishing to further diversify their portfolios.

For the time being, Brandenburg is still experiencing a rural exodus, and many smaller communities suffer from geriatrification and population loss. By contrast, the situation in the suburbs of Berlin on the Brandenburg side has stabilised. Good residential accommodation is gaining in value, and rents often show upward growth. If you take good care of your property and tenants, you will enjoy safe and stable returns from a condominium in Brandenburg.

Finding just the Right Condominium in Brandenburg

In addition to the location, a property’s state of repair is the main criterion for venturing a realistic appraisal of its yield prospects. Other significant aspects are the size of the flat and the type of property it is a part of. Depending on location and region, demand may be stronger for flats of certain sizes which would make it easier to let them. Be sure to always put your deliberations into relation to the purchase price. A bargain may not be such a bargain after all if it fails to generate rental income in the long run.

If, by contrast, you would like to buy a condominium in Brandenburg for owner-occupancy, a lot depends, of course, on your personal requirements. A brightly day-lit attic apartment with large loggia and dedicated parking spot may come with a hefty price tag, but it will greatly enhance your day-to-day comfort. If you manage moreover to find a place in a direct waterfront location and sound infrastructure at the same time, you may have found the perfect condominium in Brandenburg.

When Buying a Flat in Brandenburg, Do Bring in an Estate Agent

You need considerable experience and professional know-how to be aware of everything you need to take care of when buying property. With an agent by your side, you will steer clear of any risk. We are familiar with the market and with the standard prerequisites, having handled home and condominium sales in Brandenburg for many years. Feel free to call us and to make an appointment, if you like. We look forward to hearing from you. Buying a home in Brandenburg that is offered by Accentro will cost you no agent fee.



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