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Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset management is an important component in the housing privatisation business. Upon request, we will ensure that your real estate portfolio is professionally managed during the privatisation process while optimising its running yield. We will even customise our reporting system to match your needs.


Successful Asset Management through Tenant-Sensitivity

As specialist for the German housing market, we rely on extensive know-how and familiarity with just the right marketing and communication tools for a pinpoint approach to potential tenants and buyers. This will help to ensure a speedy and cost-effective subdivision process for your property. Our tenant-sensitive approach to privatisation keeps us in regular contact with the tenants. We use the insights gained in the process to advantage in the asset management of your residential portfolio, too.

At the same time, we never lose sight of the planned exit when managing your portfolio, and will coordinate refurbishment and modernisation measures with your apartment retailing strategy. The asset management we provide includes much, much more than simple management of your portfolio. Indeed, it will speed up the marketing drive.