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Our selection of: Berlin real estate in Weißensee

Your Berlin Apartment in Weißensee: A Green Oasis Between Prenzlauer Berg and Brandenburg

If you would like to purchase Berlin real estate, Weißensee is a good option. This Berlin district is located between exciting Prenzlauer Berg and the idyllic Brandenburg countryside and features good traffic connections.
For more information about condos Weißensee click here

We very much appreciate your interest. Regrettably, we have no condominiums for sale in the district of your choice at the moment. We will gladly notify you of any incoming condominium offers in our monthly newsletter. You may sign up for our newsletter right here.


With an apartment in Weißensee you benefit from the advantages of an urban lifestyle as well as rural serenity – it comes as no surprise that more and more young families and people who are looking for peace and quiet are discovering this district for themselves.

Enjoy life in Weißensee: Berlin at its most beautiful

Have a look at our portfolio, you will find a great choice of apartments and flats for sale in Berlin Weißensee – and surely the home of your dreams. We regularly update and extend our listings of new Berlin real estate with intelligently laid out single apartments, spacious flats and family friendly homes.

The name „Weißensee“ („white lake“) derives itself from the eponymous lake, the heart of this district and at up to 10 meters one of Berlin’s deepest. It is surrounded by a well looked after park that is ideal for nature walks. You will find many playgrounds on its premises and even a deer enclosure. The center of Weißensee is characterized by multi-family buildings from the turn of the 19th century and the antebellum period – as well as leafy green nature. Blankenburg and the residential area Malchow on the city’s margins are located a little further away. Properties here exclusively feature detached houses, while Heinersdorf and Karow also sport multi-family buildings.

The Komponistenviertel („composers‘ quarter”), the Taut-Siedlung and Buschallee as well as the area around Kreuzpfuhl are Weißensee’s most beautiful locations, which offer family friendly surroundings, thoroughly renovated historical “Altbau” apartments and very good schools. The district’s increasing popularity is reflected in the rising rents and market prices, making the purchase of an apartment in Weißensee a profitable investment.


Your new Berlin apartment in Weißensee: let your dream come true

From your apartment in Weißensee it’s only a 15 minute tram ride to Alexanderplatz. Prenzlauer Berg is even closer, S-Bahnhof Greifswalder Straße station also connects you to the S-Bahn-Ring train line. If you want to enjoy cultural events or go shopping, you can just as easily stay where you are: The Brotfabrik culture center is a great place for dancing and music, the local “Toni” cinema presents you with the latest movies and Berliner Allee is full of shops and stores of all kinds.

If you would like to purchase a Berlin property and combine bustling city life with the tranquility of the city’s outskirts, then Weißensee is where you want to look. See our listings of Berlin real estate here.

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