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Our selection of: Berlin real estate in Marzahn

Your Berlin Apartment in Marzahn: Enjoy Life Off the Beaten Tracks

If you are interested in acquiring Berlin real estate and would like to look beyond the beaten tracks, then we recommend  purchasing property in Marzahn. This district in the north of Berlin is a real insider tip, currently undergoing dynamic changes, it has more to offer than you might expect. 
For more information about condos Marzahn click here

We very much appreciate your interest. Regrettably, we have no condominiums for sale in the district of your choice at the moment. We will gladly notify you of any incoming condominium offers in our monthly newsletter. You may sign up for our newsletter right here.


Your Berlin apartment in Marzahn: enjoy life with a perspective

You would like to purchase Berlin real estate? Then check out our listings of flats for sale in Berlin Marzahn. We offer great Berlin apartments in other districts too, from comfortable single apartments to beautiful and spacious flats for families with children – you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

Marzahn is on a roll: you’ll have to search hard to find another area in Berlin where prices are so low. At the same time, the latest “WohnmarktReport” survey by GSW and CBRE indicates a significant rise for rents and market prices concerning Berlin real estate currently for sale, with the number of vacancies shrinking. The purchase of an apartment in Marzahn offers an excellent chance of value increase, especially in Biesdorf, which features many detached houses, but also in other Marzahn streets and quarters where thoroughly renovated and generously laid out apartments are surrounded by luscious green nature.

The district also has an interesting history to explore. Until this day, the centers of Biesdorf and Marzahn bear witness to the former eponymous villages they originated form. Dating back to the 13th century, they were incorporated by Berlin in the 1920s.

Berlin real estate in Marzahn: where urban meets rural

You can still detect its former village structure in Marzahn today, thanks to its picturesque little churches and squares that add a special charm to the urban atmosphere. The classicist Biesdorf castle, constructed in the mid 19th century, certainly is one of the most romantic places in the area. It is surrounded by a sprawling park that stages open air cinema programs and concerts in summer. With your own apartment in Marzahn, it’s no problem to benefit from these lovely sites and offerings. You might also like to visit the famous “Gärten der Welt” park with its British landscape labyrinths, artful Japanese and Chinese gardens and splendid selections of exotic oriental flowers.

Its excellent medical infrastructure, low crime rate and great choice of schools make Berlin Marzahn especially attractive for families with children. Some schools here enjoy such a good reputation that families move to the district only to be able to benefit from their quality education.

You would like to make an investment with a promising future? Then buy Berlin real estate in Marzahn. See our listings of Berlin apartments here.

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