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Obtaining the client's confidence and adopting expertise leads to successful sales.
Christine Holtz
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The Accentro Advisory Team – Friendly, Experienced and Competent

The Accentro advisory team will assist you in word and deed with your condominium acquisition and associated issues. Each of our sales staff has been active in the housing industry for years, and brings extensive knowledge and comprehensive experience to the job. The continuity characterising our team ensures a smooth collaboration, and while each team member maintains a high level of expertise concerning the properties under his or her care. This is why we can promise you the highest consultancy quality. More than that, we simply have the hands-on experience it takes to find just the right condo for you.

Your needs and ideas take centre stage for our advisory teams, much more so than any desire to achieve a quick signing. So it figures that trust and honesty are the stock-in-trade of our business. It all comes down to satisfied clients who recommend us to others and keep coming back to buy more. A high sense of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction are the mainstays of our success. Over the past five years, we steadily raised our sales figures. In Berlin alone, we sold 950 flats to our clients in 2012. In a bid to capitalise on our success, we are currently reinforcing our team.

Your first choice

Successful on the market since 1999

Benefit from our competence! Our team of consultants has accumulated many years of professional experience and detailed knowledge of every single estate – our foundation for a successful consultation.

Discover the variety of Accentro in various Berlin locations

Our variety is your advantage. We can offer a wide range of apartments in various sizes, locations and set ups. Let us help you find just the right property for you.

Dreams come true: we assist you in the purchase of your condominium

Time and quality information are key to successfully finding the most suitable property. We are happy to take time for you and to explain the acquisition process to you step by step beforehand.

Personal use or capital investment – it’s your choice

We individually assist you with your purchase of a condominium either for capital investment or for personal use and support you in choosing the suitable property from our extensive portfolio.

Publishers of the Homeownership Report

We developed the Accentro Homeownership Report that has been providing comprehensive information about homeownership transactions in all 82 major German cities since 2008 and offers a reliable basis for decisions.

Your first choice for buying property

We offer years of experience and competence in consultation to your advantage. Benefit from our expertise and our wide range of condominiums.

Homeownership service

We assist you with all kinds of questions concerning homeownership und are happy to help you individually: in person, via email, on the phone or through Skype.

You haven’t found the right apartment yet?

Browse our listings here and customize your selection, save and download it as a pdf file, print it or share it on facebook.